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Where did the idea for SuiteDream come from?


What is SuiteDream?

First and foremost, SuiteDream is a Gift Experience. This entirely new form of gift giving is designed to create more meaningful moments in people's lives. SuiteDream is also a brand of products and services that support what we do.

Are SuiteDream Gift Experiences designed specifically for couples?

Nope. While couples do love our SuiteDreams, we've found that most everyone else does as well... singles.. families... children... groups of friends... we've even designed and installed SuiteDream Gift Experiences for business events.


How much does a SuiteDream Gift Experience Cost? 

It all depends.

Whether you are interested in hiring our design team or doing it yourself, We are terribly easy to contact and love love love making SuiteDreams come true for all budgets.

Our Experience Design team can do-it-all for you. We've designed and installed SuiteDream experiences with price tags ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars and on up into the stratosphere. Let's talk, live chat or swap emails to discuss your unique event and budget.

If you'd rather install it yourself, we aim to inspire and can help with everything from offering you free tips and advice to designing the event, booking the services and hand delivering the supplies right to your home or office. We'll get involved where it make sense with your plan.

How much do your in-suite services (spa/salon/chef/etc.) cost?

This varies based on your requirements and location. However, we are typically able to get a better deal than you could get yourself. We use our buying power to negotiate better rates with quality local service providers and pass the savings along to you. Even better, we work with our service providers on a regular basis and can give you piece of mind about the quality of service you will receive.

Are the supplies used for these events rented or purchased?

Both. Depending on the styling package we put together, SuiteDream Gift Experiences can consist of all purchased supplies or a blend of purchased and rented supplies in addition to in-suite professional services. A few examples of rented supplies are large fountains, museum grade display pillars/columns and architectural lighting

Suite Styling

I have an idea for a custom theme. Do you do custom design and installation?

Absolutely. Our Experience Designers will work with you to make your vision a reality. The best SuiteDream experiences are totally customized around the reipient(s) personal taste. So, let's talk, live chat or swap emails and discuss your unique idea.