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Wife Goes All-in for Lucky Poker Player

What happens when our team’s passion for the vintage styling of AMC’s Mad Men collides with a client request for the ultimate surprise gift for her hubby? That’s right. A dream is born… You get an over-the-top throwback poker lounge that even Don Draper himself would likely attend…

Here at SuiteDream, we talk a lot about our hand-crafted, immersive “dream package” experiences—and how each individually-designed and personalized retreat transcends thoughtful gift-giving.

It’s quite another thing, however, to hear a SuiteDream client talk about their personal experience.

Not long ago, a recent SuiteDream recipient Tim arrived home from work to quite a surprise. In secret, his wife Erin had contacted our team with the idea of arranging the ultimate gift. As we worked with her to learn more about what would make Tim happy, Erin offered up a brilliant and custom-made “Royal Flush” of a concept:

A Poker Night With No Limits.

A boys-only “No Limit Lounge”-themed SuiteDream, one that was equal parts Vintage Vegas, “Ocean’s Eleven,” Rat Pack, and intimate Poker Lounge with Cocktail Bar.


A Toast to The No Limit Lounge

“Tim and I have a really good relationship, but I felt lately like I wanted to do something especially for him,” Erin said after the SuiteDream “No Limit Lounge” was over. “He’s a good, hard-working guy and I wanted to do something special for him, not just the usual dinner and drinks thing that we usually do—that a lot of people do—but something completely different and with flair that everyone, including Tim, would remember. That’s where my head was at!”

We knew exactly what she was aiming for.

No Limit Lounge Gift Sentiment

No Limit Lounge Gift Sentiment

After thoughtful design planning and staging, the doors of the “No Limit Lounge” swung open inside their home—replete with Frank Sinatra and Count Basie setting the mood for the evening. Everyone got in on the unveiling act, dressing “to the nines” for Tim’s special surprise gift.

The Dining Room had been transformed into a Poker Room, the Living Room and Hallway had become a swanky Cocktail Lounge and the Master Bedroom had morphed into the ultimate Luxury Suite.

“I was definitely blown away when I came home from work,” Tim said, post-Suite. “I walked in the door and was in awe… It was flawlessly executed, every single detail had been thought out and completely cool. I had some of my boys over and they thought it was a trip. It was definitely an immersive experience.”

After all the guests had arrived, the ladies left, leaving the guys to some cigar-smoking, cocktails and some serious card-throwing. Several hours later, with a great time had by all, the guests had gone, leaving Erin and Tim to enjoy the rest of their SuiteDream evening together.

“My head was spinning from it all,” Erin said of the experience. “I kept trying to picture it all, but my imagination had such a little view. When it was all in my home, a total throwback to the 1950s, I was stunned. I can’t even pick one specific thing that I loved, because the whole thing was finely-tuned, visually stunning… everything just made my senses pop. It made me want to have the house that way all the time!”

“Having all of that and a legit bar with a bartender, great décor, glassware, everything so well put together? I will never forget it,” Tim said. “It was a great night and an extremely cool experience.”

SuiteDream Barkeep Service | Photo Credit . Patrick Fenner . . 2014

SuiteDream Barkeep Service | Photo Credit . Patrick Fenner . . 2014

Tim and Erin are both already imagining their next SuiteDream experiences, for themselves, for each other, and for family members and friends.

“Absolutely,” said Erin. “They executed everything so well! I wish I could do one for everyone… Tim and I have spoken about me having one in the future, and I think he has some ideas in mind already.”

“We really enjoyed [working with] SuiteDream and will work with them again,” added Tim.

“And not just to reciprocate with Erin who truly deserves it, but for others as well… The flexibility and freedom that comes with of being able to get hands-on and help personalize the pre-determined packages is great, too. It all just makes everything better. I know that it did for mine.”

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