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SuiteDream Deployed for Military Couple’s Ultimate Staycation

Until you’ve experienced the life of a military family firsthand, it can be hard to comprehend how the call of duty impacts every important detail of their personal lives. Sacrifice comes in so many forms for these men and women, with one of the most common being… family separation. Just not being there for the birth of your child or your toddler’s first steps are some obvious sacrifices. But what about all the little things that so many take for granted… that daily good morning kiss or even those flirty young love stares you share with your spouse? With thousands of miles, crazy work hours, and years of deployment separating a serviceperson from their family… how can they compensate for all of this lost time?

Making the Moments You Have Today Matter Now

Here at SuiteDream, each client story reminds us of why we do what we do. Gifts of timeless experiences can be hard to explain but are precisely what we set out to deliver. It’s never too late or too early to dedicate the precious time you have right now towards strengthening relationships with those you care deeply about.

Not long ago, Magan contacted us to inquire about gifting something “sweet and unexpected” to her husband, Chad. From the moment we started working with her, it became crystal clear how much she adores her husband and how important this gift was not only for him but for them as a couple. With the recent arrival of a new baby (beautiful and bouncy #2)- an upcoming military relocation and Chad’s current assignment commanding a significant investment of his time, Magan’s vision of a dreamy surprise “staycation” gift was something our team was excited and honored to be a part of. Read more from Magan and Chad below…

Ultimate Staycation Ingredients

As we consulted with Magan, she visualized Chad’s experience of coming home from work to a surprise staycation retreat. She just wanted him to “come home and be like… ahhhhhh” – “not have a care in the world” and “feel totally relaxed.” She also shared Chad’s passion for cooking and many other important details about his personal taste that would later help to round out the design. After reviewing our Zen Garden and Luxe Lounge SuiteDream themes, in-home massage and 5-star chef services, Magan decided that she liked all of it and asked if we could whip up a totally custom blend. We were up for the challenge, and  Chad’s Zen Lounge SuiteDream experience was born.

The Suitest Theme Design

Chad & Magan's Zen Massage Retreat

Chad & Magan's Zen Massage Retreat

On the day of the event, Chad arrived home from work to quite a surprise… His living room had been transformed into a peaceful zen retreat. Around the corner where his dining room used to be, he found himself strolling through a swanky lounge and bistro. And upstairs, his bedroom had been converted into a warm and ultra-romantic master suite. Most importantly, Magan was there waiting for him… excited to welcome him home to their unique staycation experience. “It was like walking into your home and being unable to tell if you are dreaming.” said Chad about the design. “Their attention to the details was incredible… sights, scents, sounds, tastes, touches… all of it. When SuiteDream says they create sensory experiences, there’s absolutely no question that they deliver on all fronts.”

The Butler and His Bell

A little later on in the afternoon, Chad and Magan’s private butler arrived to handle all of the details for the first night of their staycation. After walking through plans for the evening and arming them with a crystal service bell (which would ring a lot that night), he refreshed the burnt down candles and prepared some hand-crafted cocktails for the couple to enjoy. “To have the help here was just perfect. Chad and I were able to just sit back and enjoy our time together.” expressed Magan. “He took care of everything… took pictures… made us drinks… did the dishes… even ran to the store for a couple last minute special requests. It’s so nice to have that level of service right in our own home!”

In-home Couples Massage

The sun was setting on this staycation experience and the couple was settling in to their new and dreamy reality….”Just kicking back together in our zen room was pure perfection. Candles, flowers, the aromatherapy, the sand garden, the sound of the fountain and the zen music playlist… how amazing! And then to have a couples massage?? Wow… just wow ” said Magan. And speaking about the massage, Chad offered “Who doesn’t love a massage? I just can’t imagine myself actually going to a spa for one. Having a private service in my house was awesome and just made the massage that much better without the added stress of having to go somewhere to get it.”

In-home 5-Star Chef Service

With all stress removed, the time had come for a little indulgence. Chef Mary Wills, owner and culinary acrobat of The Good Fork, was already hard at work in the couple’s kitchen preparing several custom-tailored dishes that Magan selected specifically for Chad’s personal taste. “Every course that came out of our kitchen was incredible. The presentation was unreal and there were so many flavors. Delicious! Not a meal I will soon forget” said Chad. Magan added- “The transformation of our dining room into this cute little restaurant was amazing, and the food was so good. Chad and I even snuck in a slow dance with Sinatra between appetizers.”

Even though the in-suite services were complete, the night was still young for the couple. Their staycation had just begun. “This could not have come at a better time for Magan and I.” said Chad. “We’ve got so much going on right now and needed this time for just us. I’m just floored by the whole experience. When I start getting stressed at work, which happens too often, I find my self going through the pictures to relive the pure calmness and relaxation of that evening and following day.” For Magan, she’s still living the dream “You can’t put a price on all this. I can’t honestly think of anything that compares. Even today, I am still surrounded by memories of our SuiteDream with all of the design pieces they leave with you. It’s so cool that I can just walk through my own house and remember it all the time.”