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Led Zeppelin Themed Birthday Gift Helps Girlfriend Hit Rock Star Status

Mojo Magazine has called them “The Greatest Band in Rock and Roll History.” They’ve sold 300 million records. They’re one of the most influential bands of the rock era.
They’re the legendary Led Zeppelin, and their inspiration is so far-reaching, that they’ve even influenced our latest SuiteDream experience—“Angry Dan’s Led Zepp Lounge.”

On a mission to totally blow her boyfriend’s mind, Renee hired SuiteDream to design and deliver a surprise, personalized and totally immersive Led Zeppelin birthday party experience for him.  
Renee, who identifies herself as “very outspoken,” had a lot of ideas for this “Celebration Day.”
“When I approached Jeremy and his team about the Zeppelin party, there were a lot of really big ideas—and thanks to their hard work and creativity, it all really snowballed! They made everything a larger-than-life reality,” said Renee.

“That was the great thing about working with them: they really listened and understood what I was aiming for. They made me feel like I was their only client, and then they absolutely delivered an experience that was over-the-top. We had dozens of people here, and all of them can’t stop talking about it!”

Through Renee’s brainstorming and Zeppelin’s iconic influence, we just had to pull out all the stops. There were all-access passes with lanyards, red carpet photos, a number of custom art installations and unique, one-of-a-kind Zeppelin-inspired pieces throughout the amazing rooftop loft space... quite possibly one of the best skyline views of Cleveland. There was rockin’ themed food and drink, concierge services, a vintage video mashup, a temporary tattoo parlor and so much more.

Cleveland is colloquially known as the “Home of Rock and Roll,” but on this night, let’s just go ahead and say that Renee and Angry Dan’s party was the center of it all.
But don’t take our word for it:

“It was an epic night,” said Renee. “It was a seamless, immersive, sensory experience! The attention to detail was absolutely fabulous. The themed music, mementos, the Zepp lounge, the Icarus, those tattoos—I couldn’t have asked for more. “They did everything above and beyond expectations,” she added. “Everything translated well, and all the partygoers, including my boyfriend’s many siblings, went home with souvenirs from the night, too. That party will go down in history! I dare anyone to even try to top that.”

As you might imagine, Zeppelin isn’t the only influential force on Renee after a party like theirs. She said she wouldn’t hesitate to work with SuiteDream again—stopping just shy of calling the party a personal “Stairway to Heaven” for her boyfriend and guests.

The SuiteDream® Team on the red carpet

The SuiteDream® Team on the red carpet

“I feel like I made a friend in Jeremy and the SuiteDream team,” Renee laughed. “They made me feel special. They made my boyfriend feel special. They made ALL OF US feel special. That was the great thing about working with them. They rock.”