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Family Transforms Home Into a Healing Suite Surprise

We recently had the honor of being involved in a truly special gift and provided a surprise healing suite on behalf of Francine Ciaccia’s husband and children. “MoMo,” as Francine is known to her family, friends and colleagues, is a breast cancer survivor—she beat the disease 6 years ago; however, she was just recently diagnosed with further medical uncertainty. It was a staggering discovery, one that the passionate and creative catalyst of MoMo Companies has managed to take in stride, despite the emotional weight of such news.

Working closely with MoMo’s family to learn more about her personal taste, we dreamt up a totally custom suite design by combining elements of our signature Zen Garden and Mediterranean Escape themes with a little bit of Tuscan flair.  The in-home massage therapy session along with a number of personal touches contributed by her family were the perfect details to round out MoMo’s unique suite experience. As all of the elements aligned, it became clear that plenty of relaxation, time for reflection, rejuvenation and lots of love were all on the menu for MoMo that night.

Read what MoMo had to say about her SuiteDream below…

“My suite was absolutely amazing,” MoMo said after her SuiteDream experience. “I have been very ill, and families often feel helpless during times like this. It touches my heart to think that behind the scenes, the team and my daughters were pulling together this magical evening uniquely designed for me. They were all so wonderful and accommodating—because of my health concerns and recent surgery. I later learned that the installation and surprise had to be rescheduled a couple of times.”

The Healing Suite Surprise

Lighting Up For MoMo

Lighting Up For MoMo

MoMo’s suite was quite a surprise, to say the least. We were so happy to learn that she was finally feeling well enough to go out with her family. Just a couple blocks away from her home, the team was parked in secret awaiting word that she had left for dinner. As soon as the call came in, our team sprang into action. We unloaded all of the supplies, brought in the massotherapist and set everything up in a matter of hours.


“While we were out, they came and set up an utterly beautiful paradise inside of my home. Honestly, not only was I surprised and touched, but I really didn’t know that anything like this existed. And to think it happened in my own house!”

“Everything they did was beautiful, from the music to the fountain,” said MoMo. “There was great attention paid to every detail—essential oils in the room, fresh flowers, textiles, and literally hundreds of candles everywhere. And having them combined with personal services made it absolutely perfect.”

Now that she has experienced a SuiteDream, MoMo is a true believer in the experience and wishes that everyone could have one. “What they do is so personal, and such a marvelous and intangible thing. It’s the kind of experience that stays with you long after it is over. It was transformative, as though someone hit the reset button for me. I’ve thought a lot about it since that night, it was so unexpected and out of the ordinary.”

Since her SuiteDream, Francine has been thinking about others who would enjoy this experience. “I want everyone to know about SuiteDream and the experience I had,” she said. “It was a beautiful oasis… I kept thinking, ‘Why can’t it be like this all the time!’,” she added with a laugh.

“So professional, everything about the arrangement was just perfect. And I know they didn’t have a lot of time to set it up either, making it all the more impressive.”

MoMo added that her experience was “unforgettable… one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. And I truly loved it.”

“There is so much goodness here, from the SuiteDream experience itself, to the remarkable team of individuals who made it happen flawlessly—despite a few challenges on my end. I’m grateful to have had a SuiteDream experience and be a small part of the team’s success, which I hope continues beyond their wildest imaginations. They truly are amazing.”

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